The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki - Northern War

MAL ID: 48441
Aired: Winter 2023

For many years following the North Ambrian Disaster, North Ambria has been known as the poorest region in Zemuria. After the state suffered a major loss due to the mysterious Salt Pale turning citizens and buildings into salt, the economy has never truly recovered. Out of necessity to secure foreign investment for the state, the former state military has turned into a group of mercenaries known as the Northern Jaegers. Wishing to join the largest group of mercenaries on the continent, Lavian "Lavi" Winslet, a promising rookie, enlists with the Northern Jaegers. Although she has only been with them for half a year, the reserved but capable Lavi Winslet is well respected by her peers. When Lavi and her team are tasked with gathering information regarding the Imperial Hero of Erebonia—a new threat to the state—she discovers that there may be more to the continent's intricate politics than meets the eye. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

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